Monday, September 28, 2009

A Time for Change

Ahhhh, Autumn! I love everything about it. From the crazy weather that changes completely at the slightest whim, the special scent in the air, the changing leaves, the addition of clothing layers, to the promise of winter (my other favorite season) and holidays just around the corner. I could never live somewhere without such distinct seasons as the only one I don't adore is summer and even that serves to remind me why I appreciate the other three so much.

Today I am even more excited it's autumn than usual as I am about to launch my new company to the public. My excitement at this moment is a little more mundane, though. See, I live in a 2-bedroom apartment that I chose partially so I could have an office here. The need for it escalated when my partner moved in a few years ago but ironically we also needed extra storage space and I sacrificed my office, plus we no longer have an air-conditioner in there and it gets quite warm in summer (not great for the computer gear OR me). Right now, my office set-up is in the living room, which has been fine for the pre-startup phase but will definitely be untenable when I start getting calls from the public (fingers crossed!) and working the long hours that come with running a new business.

So, today I'm turning that room into an office again no matter how hard it may be. There's just no other option because I have a wonderful problem - I'm too in love!

I have been with my partner for over 12 years now and I'm still so attracted to him that I can't seem to get anything done when he's in the room. Everything takes far too long and I'm far more likely to make mistakes. It's like I never grew out of the high school mentality that plagues co-ed education, even though in every other way I'd like to think I've progressed. I'm blaming brain chemistry for this one as I really get a body buzz the moment he walks through the door every day, the kind you usually only experience for the first few months of a relationship.

I know, poor me, right? As I said, it's a wonderful problem to have and I hope I always have it. He's incredibly supportive and doesn't mind if I work all the time, I'm the one with the issues here and I'm afraid the fact of my distraction makes him feel guilty. It's not fair to either of us and certainly will not help me become the successful entrepreneur I am confident I can become if I just find a way to make this work, for the company AND for our relationship.

Step one is clearly a space for me to work in solace, and we're lucky enough in this city of tiny apartments to have the "extra" room even if I have to work amongst my huge collection of junk that I adore. It's exciting no matter how much I dread actually doing it, as I will finally have a space that is created for me by only me. If only I had that gene or upbringing or whatever that makes people good at cleaning!

(I'm also hoping that posting this for all of you to see will keep me honest and make me actually accomplish my goals here. I seriously hate cleaning!)

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