Monday, August 17, 2009

Guess I'm Just Not Cool Enough

I don't own a single product by Apple. I likely never will. I have in the past, but my last Apple product was an Apple IIe computer, which says a lot. Had an original Mac, too, but the IIe outlived it, believe it or not!

Now, of course, I'm all about gaming, so a PC is necessary in my life. I don't have the money for a second computer that runs only about 1/4 of the software I use almost every day. I thought about getting a Mac at one point for music (I was a sound engineer in a "former life") but it's hard to justify spending over $2000 on a single-purpose computer unless you need it for work, especially when I would also need to spend a whole lot more on all the ProTools and related gear. I don't allow single-purpose tools in my kitchen (unless necessary), why would I take up a chunk of my living room with one?

An iPod holds no interest, I don't listen to music on the go, plus my phone holds more than enough for the rare podcasts I enjoy. I would never go back to AT&T for mobile service, so an iPhone is out. I don't like them, anyway, find them cumbersome where others find sleekness, so even when they spread to other companies it's highly unlikely I'd buy one. I keep TRYING to find an Apple product that interests me, but it never works.

So when Microsoft started running those ads showing people buying PCs and the one with the redheaded girl came out I couldn't help but giggle at her comment about not being cool enough for a Mac. Maybe that's my problem, I'm just not that cool. Macs crash as soon as I touch them, I can't get an iPhone out of standby mode (or whatever it's called). I would go so far as to say that Apple products don't like me any more than I like them!

In fact, my problems go even further - I suck at user-friendly. The more user-friendly something is the more problems I have and the longer it takes me to accomplish them. Microsoft drives me batty with this, too - every time a new version of Office comes out I cringe because I know that it will be more user-friendly and thus incompatible with my brain. I sometimes long for the days before graphical user interfaces and fancy features to make life "easier". I run my life out of MS Access rather than any of the software designed for tracking things, like to-do lists, so I can make it completely suited to my needs instead of relying on others' ideas of my needs. I like coding by hand and working in text form quite a lot. I also love Adobe for never dumbing-down their pro-level software. It's hard to do precisely what you want when a wizard is creating the parameters. I don't like anything that infringes on my freedom!

I wasn't cool in elementary school and I'm not cool now. The only difference is, now I'm fine with that.

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